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I'm So Evil To Pikachu...
I'm So Evil To Pikachu... by @tayjudd (Tabi Judd)

Ah, I love doing this to Pikachu. I don't know why. I mean, I'm still a little bit of a fan after three years... sometimes... not really... er... o_O

I like some of the Pokemon, but that's it. Mostly Eevee and Vaporeon and Jolteon and Flareon and Umbreon and Espeon... and a few others. Actually, now that I think of it, most of the Gorfa kinda look a little too much like these Pokemon. I didn't realize that until recently. I need to re-design the Gorfa again... Great. x_x

Anyway, I plan to ink and color this, but I probably won't. In 7th grade, I used to draw stuff like this a LOT, and the kids loved it. Especially Linsey. She was probably the biggest fan of my one-panel "Deaths of Pikachu" comics. She'd put them in her binder and show them to people, and hide them from the teachers, but apperently not very well. At least I didn't get in trouble for drawing them. o_o;

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