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15 February, 2002
They / Them / Theirs / Themself
10 November, 1987
tayjudd turns 37 this year.
Oregon, Unspecified
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Yeeeees... the all-mysterious Tabi... Ooooou, insert spooky music here... o_O

I've changed a few things... Eh... my AIM screen name, for one. And the address to my website. Nyeh. I have reasons to. Maybe I should hide these things? shrug

Current music: Camera On The Wall - TRUCK
(Douglas TenNapel's band, I believe...)

I am 14 years old and I live at home and I rarely go outside and I listen to music and I'm on the Internet most of the day, so if you want to message me, I'm usually on MSN Messenger, and sometimes AIM, but rarely ever on ICQ. Sometimes I'm on Yahoo! Messenger as well under "taklay_of_the_neverhood" or "Albuquerque27". = )

I draw a LOT. I usually always have the time to draw something for someone. All you have to do is ask. Don't be afraid to e-mail me or something to ask for a drawing. Though, things will reallyREALLY slow down once school starts again... I'll be going into high school... my freshmen year... The kids who are going to be sophmores this year kept calling us 'Freshmeat'... that scared me... I don't wanna go... Let me be taught at home!! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOOOOU! Wait... you're not my parents. Never mind. ^^;

Fav. quote for now: Kimi-tachi to no deai wa zenbu - Chanto oboete 'ru - Kizutsukeatta koto mo atta kedo - Sore wa (e~to) wasureta!
(Lyrics to Hyakugojuuichi)

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