Lunch - Recycling - Longing - Appleflower
Lunch - Recycling - Longing - Appleflower by @Kahvinporo

Once in a while, I challenge myself to paint something every day for a week as practice. My aim is to try different brushes, and techniques or just finish something! I paint these works over my own photography, and my aim is not to make a photorealistic replica of the photo - just something that captures the image. I try to use the least amount of time possible to finish each work, typically it takes me maybe 1,5 hours to finish.

Lunch, the piece that truly made me fall in love with painting food. It's just really fun! Also, Buzzsaw suggested me to add lineart to this one too :3c

Recycling, proof that inspiration can strike from strange places... like seeing an overly filled plastic waste bin and just finding it oddly beautiful.

Longing, I tried to paint this one with the least amount of layers possible, combining them down as I worked. And to this day, this is one of my favourite pieces from my speedpaint series.

Appleflower, not much to say about this piece other than I like it.

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