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Junicorn 2022 #30 - Amber
Junicorn 2022 #30 - Amber by @fragmented_imagination (B Sanders)

"Amber unicorns are so rare that simply finding one is cause for frantic racing to preserve it. They are born out of a section of fossilized tree resin that does not have any inclusions. It is one of the few mineral unicorn types in which the mineral it is named after actually forms its horn. However, amber unicorn horns are not complete like most other species. They are the fragments of amber they have grown out of, having gathered the nearby soil to form the rest of its body. Their horns are prized as folk medicine, and poachers will often seek a high price for one. The horn is the life source of the unicorn, which means that, if it is damaged in any way, the unicorn dies. Laws are in place that make hunting amber unicorns or possessing a horn an especially heinous crime. Currently, some few hundred amber unicorns have been placed in preserves in order to protect them. Amber unicorns themselves are known to be mostly shy, but not as highly alert as others. Their lack of survival instinct has led to nearly a hundred to be killed in a year before they can be taken in for preservation."

The last one. This was most definitely a rush job, as I wanted to finish this up before going on vacation. I had a lot of fun this month, and I"d like to thank Ainsley for proposing this since it helped me flesh out not only techniques for drawing equine figures, but giving me a reason to try out different techniques with coloring and design.

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