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Nack after Carmen Sandiego
Nack after Carmen Sandiego by Miss D. (Debra) (@Weasel_Silver24)

There goes Nack The Weasel going after Carmen Sandiego! Whoa! 0_0 I kinda remember watching "Carmen Sandiego" on "PBS" when I was young, Carmen is quite an interesting character. I know Nack's eyes don't look quite right, I tryed to fix that as best as I could. Please comment! Thank you! :)

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Nack The Weasel belongs to (C) Sega. Carmen Sandiego belongs to (C) DIC Entertainment. This drawing is from (C) 2009 Miss D. (Debra)

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12 years and 356 days ago
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Posted: Wednesday, 02 December, 2009 @ 10:49 AM
Rating: 3

LOL. Awesome concept!

I love the coloring you did for both of them. The trenchcoat and the purple fur seem to stand out the most. I also really love the blue of Nack's nose. And Carmen's hair looks wonderfully thick and luxurious.

I think Carmen's torso should be longer/the legs should be lower, and the proportions are a bit off (the legs don't seem the right size considering the scale of the upper body; the legs look like they're scaled for a smaller body), but overall it's a great picture.

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