Patricia Green

Transparent Zebra
Transparent Zebra by @SolarGriffin (Patricia Green)

A fine arts project of mine from last year. It is kinda hard to see, I understand, but Im afraid it is the best I could do ^^' It's too big to scan, and Im not that good with a digital camera...

Anyway, the assignment was the have an object and make part of it transparent, showing something meaningful inside. So, while everyone is drawing bottles and chess pieces, I get the "brilliant" idea to do a zebra and have the white stripes of his barrel (middle) see-through. Yea, you are supposed to be able to see the savanna through him. shurg It looks cool close up, I suppose...

Pencil rendering.

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Posted: Tuesday, 04 November, 2003 @ 11:03 AM

wooow this is rellyy beautiful ! i love it !

Posted: Tuesday, 04 November, 2003 @ 01:37 PM

Fantastic idea here, and you pulled it off well! I also love your technique with the graphic, everything looks so soft and smooth! I'm superimpressed!

Posted: Thursday, 13 November, 2003 @ 11:43 PM

Woaah, I love this idea! I think it'd be even cooler if you simply drew the black stripes, and maybe his eyes, and all was the onnnly part of him that you could see, so then you could really see the rest of the background through him. x) Neato cool... The anatomy ish great!

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