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Junicorn 2022 #12 - Mosaic
Junicorn 2022 #12 - Mosaic by B Sanders (@fragmented_imagination)

"The abundance of different unicorn types has had an astounding impact on our world. Many features of our history include worship of unicorns and their magical properties, almost to the point of treating them as gods. Ancient civilizations believed that bad luck was transmitted through the mistreatment of unicorns. Even mistakenly treating one as a regular horse was thought to doom entire towns. Monuments were built in honor of the local unicorns, and depictions of them were thought to bring luck and good fortune. Back then, the only time a person obtained a unicorn's horn was from one that had been found dead. Unfortunately, humans have since departed from their original taboos and superstitions. Unicorn poaching is illegal in many countries, yet this still continued to be a regular trade. This is not without its hazards; those ancient civilizations had a lot to fear from unicorns when they were provoked, and it is often said among unicorn poachers that, if you do not kill with the first shot, it is time to turn and run for your life. Most people still show much respect for unicorns, and they continue to be a subject of modern art and architecture."

Okay, so, I've unfortunately fallen behind due to a lack for sleep and free time for drawing. My intention is to catch up in the next few days without skipping a picture. I would have been done with this one sooner, but I drifted to sleep before I could even get past making the circle.

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107 days and 11 hours ago
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