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Junicorn 2022 #17 - Rose
Junicorn 2022 #17 - Rose by @fragmented_imagination (B Sanders)

"Rose unicorns are a very hazardous and very picky variety of equimorphic plants. Beneath those large, striking petals lies a number of thorns which can easily catch a person off-guard. They are firmly attached to the unicorn's outer skin and do not easily break free. The points do not dull even after the unicorn dies, and, should a person be allowed to trim them, they require special tools. Thus comes the rose unicorn's second attribute: pickiness. Rose unicorns do not easily allow humans nearby. Sometimes, however, they may choose a human to follow. They do not mind being near certain people. For others, trying to get close to a rose unicorn is quite dangerous. Rose unicorns are well-aware of the thorns on its body. They will attempt to warn a human that their presence is not preferred by moving away. Should a person not heed this warning, a quick snap of the head or a front kick will tear clothing and leave some deep scratches. The horn only comes into play when aggression is perceived, and it has been documented that a rose unicorn will attack with that stone horn should their human be in danger."

Got a pretty good start on this and put some decent details into this one. By far, it's one of the more interesting pieces I've done for Junicorn.

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