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Salutations, dear visitor! I am El Thorvaldo, alias Thorvald of Lym, or simply Thorvald. In whatever spare time isn't consumed by computer games, I draw cartoons. I've been doodling since before I was in school, and while I will probably never make a career out of it, it's a hobby I enjoy and continue to improve upon. I've been told I am also a gifted writer, although I have yet to complete anything worth formal publication. The common topics of my musings include comedy, war and geopolitics, and the fantastical/supernatural, which when taken together have provided the foundation for a number of projects over the years.

Those that know me, know me over at CivFanatics as one of the lead contributors to and de facto boss of the collaborative comic, "DRAW Your Own Story". I was also an on-and-off participant in the "Imperium Offtopicum" geopolitical roleplaying games likewise hosted on CFC. Most of what I showcase here has to do with one of these two subjects.

Latest Journal Entry
MGE Conversion Spotlight: Kesh
04 Jul 2024, 10:32 PM

Updates for the MGE Conversion Project have been posted to CivFanatics as they're released, but I haven't plugged them here as these patches are works-in-progress, and some may see substantial revision before the consolidated release.

However, I do want to spotlight my latest work on Tim McBride's The Fall of Great Kesh: Included as part of the "Best of the Net" fan pack for Conflicts in Civilization, it represents some of the earliest mod work for Civ2, back before the game could house scenario files without requiring manual replacement of the main rules. It was also created without any regard to hard-coded unit properties or the sound map, in some cases breaking special functions such as Engineers and partisan resistance.

Following the initial graphical update, I took on the task of remapping the units in line with the vanilla layout. This involved hex-editing the scenario file directly to change IDs for units already on the map and in city production. The basic process is relatively straightforward if you know what you're doing, but tedious and hard to correct if something goes wrong. As someone with minimal hex-editing experience before taking this project on, I'm impressed I managed to pull it off fairly smoothly.

This second patch also adjusts some unit statistics to be more sensible—the original rules have some frankly bizarre imbalances, and will be overhauled for the redux release. Grab it from Patreon or CivFanatics!