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Hello everyone. It's nice to meet you all. I hope I can make some friends here.

Enforced rules if you are thinking about distributing something...

  1. You may use any of my work or make works that are derived from my works as long as you give credit, either through mentions in the description or tags. This (and the second rule) applies to all my profiles, including all entities you've heard are alleged to be alts of mine. You would most likely know me from either DeviantArt or Reddit (you may have observed my username on the latter is different, it's MozartWasARed).

  2. Any money gained as a result of a work of mine or works derived from my work (beyond what is needed) must be channeled to a trustworthy conduit of the greater good, such as (especially) a charity in good standing. By this, I imply from the context of intentions/research. What many people might dub "art trades" and "commissions" go by this rule too, that is, the spoils of gaining from my gifts must in turn go to something. Keep only what would otherwise prevent you from fulfilling this rule, i.e. absolute bare necessities.

  3. If you use a work of mine or make a work derived from my work where anyone else is involved in its creation, rules one and two are up to their ability to add to, and this should be explored.

Also, I'm not as fussy as a lot of people when it comes to genders. Though if I had a narberth shilling for every time I was misgendered, my charity work would be complete, if you know what I mean. This account might be shared with family members (namely between me and my sister Ness, it will depend on the continent of the last football winner, yeah that's our wager), but no male in my family wants to use it, so the pronoun will always be female.

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