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LittlePrayer Galaxy Savior-Stage10 Trail Of The Comet Version 2 by @XxTheCreativeKitsunexX (XxTheCreativeKitsunexX)

As Promised a few weeks ago now here is Version 2 of Trail of the Comet.

Unable to decide on what version to use I created two tracks for the stage and it will be up to YOU the fans to decide if version 1 or version 2 will be the official track for the final soundtrack for the game.

This one I went for a more rocking piece Still unsure which version will end up being the Final version for the game? What do you the fans think?

Galaxy Savior Music is ©2023 J.Delorey Productions Sword Dancer Studio Canada LTD XxTheCreativeKitsunexX Galaxy Savior is © and ™ J.Delorey Productions Sword Dancer Software and Project GalaxyLord Production Canada. image is by the legendary late master of sci fi spaceship art John Berkey check out his works online at https://johnberkeyart.com/science-fiction-art/ Project GalaxyLord coming soon To Playstation Dreams All Rights on the Music Reserved.

Rough / Concept
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Posted: Monday, 05 June, 2023 @ 08:13 PM
Rating: 5

I'm leaning towards this version as it's much more upbeat, which better fits with the mission's premise of a strategic raid on the enemy: Version 1's tension is more becoming a scenario where you're on the defensive / racing the clock / facing down a major boss.

Posted: Tuesday, 06 June, 2023 @ 07:36 PM

@Thorvald: I am in agreement with you, this track fits the stage theme and intensity more then the first version did.

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