Daisy Hunt

Arrival of the Master Clone
Arrival of the Master Clone by @Lucky_Ladybug66 (Daisy Hunt)

From chapter 1 of God Help the Outcasts.

It's slightly modified from the story itself, so as not to be so graphic. Zack is witnessing Hojo's Master Clone and Seph. They are holding each other's weapons in the hands not clearly visible: the Master Clone with Seph's sword that he just pulled out of his body, and Seph with the Master Clone's knife.

This pic was such a pain for ages. All the wings were confusing me so bad. And the Master Clone's eyes are probably open too wide and make him look cartoony. XD; The original intention was just for him to look psycho. Oh well, I really like this in the end, especially Zack running down the stairs.

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Posted: Sunday, 07 December, 2008 @ 10:45 PM

It's slightly modified from the story itself, so as not to be so graphic. But...but we like blood! I'm sort of disappointed by the obscured weapons, just because that'd be a neat angle to see. XD

I don't blame you for being confused by the wings...and as hard as it would be to keep them all straight drawing them, I'd imagine fighting with them would be much, much worse. They have what, three, four wings a piece? I'd be surprised if even they could keep them straight...and I'm surprised that lamp managed to remain standing. XD The wings do look nice, though.

I think I mentioned this on LJ, but a good way to get a crazy expression is to maximizae the white space around the iris, or make the pupil and iris smaller. Also makes for a good pained expression, depending on how you position the eyebrows. Even so, his expression already looks not-so-sane...the line under the one eye is a nice touch. Makes him look sort of twitchy, in a crazy sort of way. ^_^

I like Sephiroth's wince, and...this'll sound odd, but I like the sense of motion Zack has. He a believable "just ran down the stairs" look to him.

Posted: Monday, 08 December, 2008 @ 09:18 AM

XD Actually, it was mainly modified because Mom was going to see it, LOL. I might do an uncensored version at some point. (I did do a pic once where Sephiroth's and Gunju Rakesh's swords are stabbing into each other, and I quite like it.)

pets wings. Yep, Seph and each clone have three wings each. XD

I'm guessing the line was a complete accident due to the pen, but that's great if it just makes things look better! X3

Zack believably looking like he ran down the stairs is very gratifying, since that's what I wanted from him. ^^

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