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God Help the Outcasts cover
God Help the Outcasts cover by @Lucky_Ladybug66 (Daisy Hunt)

The cover for my Kingdom Hearts story God Help the Outcasts.

My villainess Kala-Ansa looms in the background, as wicked and treacherous as I hoped she would appear. The other thing is a cathedral, if it isn't recognizable. I had to look at a picture of Notre Dame to get it to come out this good. XD; I kinda like the windows, though. The light from the windows probably came out totally wrong. But I had a lot of fun coloring this. X3 The sky is purposely getting lighter the farther down it goes.

The characters on the side are Dr. Hojo and Sun, Kala-Ansa's daughter. Up in the sky, Seph clones are flying. On the ground, Cloud has been beaten because of his wing (an event at the beginning of the story), and Zack and Sephiroth are worrying.

Zack is wearing casual clothes, yet you can see his dog tags. The only time I drew KH Zack on active military duty, I kept FF7 Zack's apparel for him. But I remembered describing his attire differently in a fic. So now I'm thinking that on military duty he wears a jacket plus the sleeveless turtleneck thing. He ended up wearing green because, well, army and all. I got the image of him kicking around the house sometimes wearing his army clothes casually.

... And Kala-Ansa is not Oriental. XD; Maybe it's just me, but she seems to look like that in color. Maybe it's the effect of the ear bangs, an anime trademark.

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Posted: Saturday, 02 August, 2008 @ 10:17 AM

Whoa! Daisy, absolutely fantastic drawing, I have seen you do group drawing and I always find it amazing how you do it. The details, expressions on their faces, the colors, and all so incredible. Excelent job! ^_^

P.S.: Do you plan to do any drawings for "When Autumn Comes"? Just curious to know....

Posted: Saturday, 02 August, 2008 @ 10:40 AM

Aww, thank you so much! :) I am very proud of this piece. Of all the group drawings I've done I think this is one of the ones that came out the best.

I hadn't planned on illustrating When Autumn Comes, partially because I haven't drawn animals for so long that I've pretty much lost my touch with them. XD; But maybe I'll give it at least one try and see what happens.

Posted: Sunday, 07 December, 2008 @ 11:08 PM

Wow, so much detail! I haven't read the fic, but the picture alone provides a good idea of what someone reading it should expect.

The composition here is very nice, and the many and varied expressions...I think I like Zack's and Sun's best. Sun looks especially distraught, and Zack just has such a hurt-puppy look to him, I want to squeeze him.

...I have to admit, I thought Kala-Ansa was Asian. ^_^;; But for me it was more the eye-shape and coloring than the ear-bangs. Either way, she looks nice in this picture...er, not nice, but nicely-drawn.

I like the sky-shading, and especially like the little clones up in the sky, with the feather falling down from them.

Posted: Monday, 08 December, 2008 @ 09:25 AM

Awesome! ^^ I'm glad it's able to convey so much.

I remember having a terrible time with Sun's eyes; I even had to white out one of them and try again. XD;

I think her eyes are supposed to be a little bit of a lighter shade of brown. Scanner again. XD;

The little clones drove me nuts, LOL. I rarely draw things that small. But I do like the effect. X3

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