LittlePrayer-Galaxy Savior-Stage 2 Theme-Lost Nebula by XxTheCreativeKitsunexX (@XxTheCreativeKitsunexX)

Stage 2-

The player and Ecclesial have escaped earth's atmosphere and managed to avoid being made space debris by drones that tried to take the player and ship down before leaving earth. Now the main problem is a ship that was used to protect earth has been reprogrammed to stop the player from getting past even the moon where the real journey begins. Will the Ecclesial have the firepower to take down the now Zeus controller Battleship equipped with engine seeking technology with EMP tipped missiles capable of not only stopping any ship in its tracks but also making it an easy target for the photon guns to rip the target to shreds. Only by Taking out The Lost Nebula will the player have any chance of traveling any further.

Galaxy Savior Music is ©2022 J.Delorey XxTheCreativeKitsunexX Productions Sword Dancer Studio Canada LTD. Image is by the legendary late master of sci fi spaceship art John Berkey check out his works online at https://johnberkeyart.com/science-fiction-art/ Project GalaxyLord coming soon To Playstation Dreams All Rights on the Music Reserved.

Rough / Concept
304d12h ago
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Posted: Tuesday, 07 February, 2023 @ 10:59 PM

My man has single-handedly quintupled this site's audio submissions in a week.

the now Zeus controller Battleship

Completely coincidental but I was once in a countryRP gaming group, and one thread's premise was SKYNET-style rogue AI codenamed Olympians. :p

Posted: Tuesday, 07 February, 2023 @ 11:39 PM

Ha ha ha ha ha you ain't seen nothing yet...

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