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My Favorite Succubi - colored collab
My Favorite Succubi - colored collab by @arshesnei (Arshes Nei)

This one is pushing it but they're not engaged in sex, but there is a boob squish.

This is Tess on the viewer's left Crybringer's succubus and my succbuus, AniMage (Azadeh)

The inker was RSJ and he had requested me to color it after someone else colored it without asking any of us then promptly bitched about how tasteless the image was. Oooooookay.

LOL if this were photography it would probably get a Daily Deviation on Deviantart.

This was done in Photoshop instead of Painter and now I realize how UNNATURAL it is to paint with Photoshop compared to Painter. That's not to say you can't get some good stuff, since I used jitter and other dynamics in the brush library to work with me, but it sure was an interesting switch.

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Posted: Sunday, 23 December, 2007 @ 05:25 AM

Excellent job! My wife and her mistress both love it! 1st time got them to pay attention to side7 - that's an accomplishment.

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