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Ringo From Air Gear - Color Collab
Ringo From Air Gear - Color Collab by @arshesnei (Arshes Nei)

I actually painted this while at a SoCal Deviantart Meet while others were ice skating.

Done with Painter, this is Ringo from the anime/manga known as Air Gear. I've really dropped out of most anime manga shows, and used to like this one, but now...it's like so many are ..mindless

This was originally done on postcard paper till I just ramped up the dpi to paint it in Painter.

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Posted: Friday, 21 December, 2007 @ 03:40 PM

Wow awesome job on this! I really like the job you did on the skin shading. It has a really nice look to it and she looks very well defined.

Posted: Friday, 21 December, 2007 @ 06:02 PM

Thank you very much. It can get tricky with skin but I think I'm getting it down. I like to desaturate my colors a lot and sometimes that can make the skin look oogly. I will be able to find a better and more happy medium sometime.

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