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I don't like this picture...
I don't like this picture... by @tayjudd (Tabi Judd)

I dunno why I'm posting this, but here it is... My (terrible) sculpture of Klaymen, and for a background, I have used the lovely opened Neverhood case, I guess just to show that I DO, in fact, have an original copy...? Oh well, it's Klaymen. My first sculpture for the Neverhood.

(Actually second, cause a looooong time ago, I tried to make a little one of Willie, but I didn't have red, so I used orange and then I baked it and it fell apart. (looks at it) Okay, so just the backspikes came off, but it looks really bad and not Internet-worthy.)

I also have one where he's in front of my copy of Skullmonkeys, but it's the one that has a Hollywood sticker thing on it, which I soon gave to a friend of mine for her birthday once I got another copy from Big Robot Erin in the mail... But I think this is enough.

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