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Glynnus sculpture!
Glynnus sculpture! by @tayjudd (Tabi Judd)

Yay! My sculpture of Glynnus before the cats broke off his finger and toe! This is the only sculpture that I did of a Neverhood character that was ever baked. I don't know why I baked him, though... I was about half way done with Thawly when I did this, and I kinda rushed with it... I forgot the pink thing around his upper arm... OH! And you can see me! I'm not wearing my glasses... and my hair is shorter! Ooooh... but I think I messed up on the date, because my hair wasn't that short in January of 2001... And I didn't have the Neverhood, either. I think it was a few days before my birthday... like, November 4th...

(blinks... and looks at the background of the first picture) HEY! Um, um, um, um, um... you can see the feet of my "Weird Al" sculpture that really sucks! The orange things in the background...

Ah, well. Glynnus, everyone! Three cheers for IX-NAY ON-AY ACKGROUNDS-BAY! XD I don't know Pig Latin!

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