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My 13th submission to DYOS VIII.

It had become a rather sad routine, since DYOS 5, that friction between Stylesrj and other contributors would derail the story into personal sniping, and eventually, whole front-wide action. Such was the case here; while CG's alluding to in-story battles, not unlike the latter half of DYOS 5, entire comics could be little more than agitprop. In this case, I'm punning on Styles' avatar at the time: "Warmech SEAL" = Wehrmacht SEAL.

With the Mods' Fridge long behind us, I figured I could tap into something other than olive oil... what precisely inspired Ukrainian spirits I no longer recall, though as per other comics, it reads rather wry today. :B

Operation Flashpoint/ArmA: Cold War Assault © Bohemia Interactive;
CivGeneral, Stylesrj, taillesskangaru & Fifty © themselves.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt December 2022.]

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