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Norns Say The Darndest Things!
Norns Say The Darndest Things! by @tayjudd (Tabi Judd)

Well, I have obviously been playing Creatures 2 lately... x_o Those spooty Norns don't eat! They stare at the food, though.

Hand: Ron eat food Ron: food Hand: Ron eat food Ron: food Hand: Ron eat food Ron: food

It always goes like this!! GRR! It makes me mad. But then I saw something a bit like this today, and I drew it with my mouse on the Neverhood Groupboard. (Due to past experiences with Newbie overflows and lack of a better Admin, I won't put the addy to that place here.)

I'm greatful for the extended vocabulary in Creatures 2. It's easier to tell what the Norns want in there. In Creatures 1, you had to tell them to push food. That was quite confusing. o_@


Ron eat bug! = D

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