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The Thunder Gorfa!
The Thunder Gorfa! by @tayjudd (Tabi Judd)

Woo, this would have been a lot easier if my tablet worked. This is a request for my good Internet friend, Lizzy, who is actually in the same Time Zone as I am. (!) She is a very nice person, I guess, and though she thinks I'm scary sometimes with my hyperactive attitude, she still brings herself to stick around. I don't know HOW she does it. ^^;

I drew the Gorfa on paper, tied my dad up and forced him to scan it, brought it to my machine with his CD burner and the TEMP CD, did a shiznit-load of editing in MS Paint, colored in MS Paint, and then shaded (horribly shaded!!!) in Art Dabbler.

The background I used was sent to me from a friend of mine in a .ZIP file full of neat storm pictures. Hey, nobody told me about any copywrite laws on that pic or ezeting, so... don't hurt me if it's a background that I shouldn't use. O_o; Artwork © Copyright 2002 Tabi Judd

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