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you can stay as long as you like
you can stay as long as you like by @Fihyn (Fin Art)

I have just a couple more pieces after this one that I'm uploading out of my backlog; the three of them (that is, three including this one) have similar-ish color schemes and they're also some of my absolute favorites out of the body of my work. c: this one was my phone lockscreen for ages.

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Posted: Saturday, 07 January, 2023 @ 04:17 PM
Rating: 5

silly saturn
you don't belong there saturn
you are a planet

Posted: Thursday, 12 January, 2023 @ 05:12 PM

@Thorvald: saturn is experimenting with finding new spaces ^u^

Posted: Saturday, 07 January, 2023 @ 04:27 PM
Rating: 5

It's so peaceful and quirky. I found my new comfort zone.
Have you ever considered designing and ofuda deck?

Posted: Thursday, 12 January, 2023 @ 05:13 PM

@fragmented_imagination: I'm so glad it has those vibes for you! c: I tried looking up what an ofuda deck is, but I wasnt able to find much info about it. have u seen artists make that kind of thing before? :0c im curious

Posted: Thursday, 12 January, 2023 @ 06:43 PM

@Fihyn: Sorry, I meant a hanafuda deck. I got the words mixed.

Posted: Saturday, 14 January, 2023 @ 07:36 AM

@fragmented_imagination: ohhh wow those are so pretty! ^o^ I havent ever planned something like that though unfortunately; I don't really have much capacity to make anything beyond simple prints at home. but I might consider it if that ever changes. ^^

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