Red Dragon
Red Dragon by @FokXuliini

This was experimental piece aka learning how to draw from perspective and how to use colours. Don't like the colours in this one though...

If you see dark spots, they're from my fountain pen which decided to explode middle of inking.

Art © FokXuliini

Materials: watercolours and ink on A3 watercolour paper

All rights reserved.

My artworks cannot be copied, used or edited in any way without my permission.

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Posted: Thursday, 28 September, 2023 @ 04:41 AM


Posted: Thursday, 28 September, 2023 @ 11:09 AM

@DaGrandDragonn: Thank youuu! ^_^

Posted: Tuesday, 03 October, 2023 @ 03:52 AM
Rating: 4

This is very cool, like your other works!

I just have one critique, and it regards the left arm. It looks a bit too thin and short, especially when compared to the right arm. Even though it is supposed to be going in the viewer’s direction, it looks a bit too flattened in my opinion.

Posted: Thursday, 05 October, 2023 @ 01:21 PM

@Agondray: Thanks for feedback <3

Yeaaaah, left arm was tricky part to draw. I used couple photo references (and even my own arm lol) but it still looks birazze 😅

Posted: Saturday, 07 October, 2023 @ 02:33 AM

@FokXuliini: Understandable! Anatomy can be surprisingly hard to draw! I’ve struggled with it numerous times!

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