Take it
Take it by @FokXuliini

You really want this key from this nice wolfie but he won't let you.

I did this for perspective practice, and (sigh) it was such a struggle ಥ_ಥ

Art © me/FokXuliini

Materials: fineliner pens on A4 mixed media paper

All rights reserved.

My artworks cannot be copied, used or edited in any way without my permission.

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Posted: Sunday, 06 August, 2023 @ 01:10 PM

Think I'm learning from your learning here.

The full body pose awesome. Precisely what I've been trying to grasp; subtle foreshadowing.

Also love the snarl.

Job well done.

Posted: Monday, 07 August, 2023 @ 01:00 PM

@The-Wizard-of-Zaar: Thank you so much <3

hey that's awesome, if you can learn from it too 👍

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