Inside of storm
Inside of storm by @FokXuliini

This is one of my personal favourites <3 I just love painting on A3 sized papers. It makes painting the details so much easier.

Made in 2021

Art © me/FokXuliini

Materials: watercolours and fineliner pen on A3 watercolour paper

All rights reserved.

My artworks cannot be copied, used or edited in any way without my permission.

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Posted: Tuesday, 14 March, 2023 @ 02:24 PM

@Thorvald: Haha! Love the video! XD Shenron is actually one which started my interest to draw dragons, expecially eastern-type. I may draw fan art of him someday...

Posted: Monday, 13 March, 2023 @ 08:09 PM
Rating: 5

Love how every scale is visible! Those teeth too...don't want to become his lunch.

Posted: Tuesday, 14 March, 2023 @ 02:28 PM

@Chaos-Mirror: Thank you so much! Drawing scales is actually one of my favourite thing to do. Don't worry, he only eats fried swallows.

Posted: Tuesday, 14 March, 2023 @ 12:48 AM
Rating: 5

I agree with Damian, I like the texture given by the visible scales. The style and design feel like a classic painting of a dragon.

Posted: Tuesday, 14 March, 2023 @ 02:32 PM

@fragmented_imagination: Thank you! Scales are always fun to paint.

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