Helen Lauzau

Mirrored Soul
Mirrored Soul by @Dekeve (Helen Lauzau)

A small Birthday gift for Eskiworks! Her Cat and Dragon personas, Fern and Leaflet! (Her birthday was in February)

Truth be told, I drew this last year. It was my intention to finish this as a watercolor piece, but I was never happy with the result. So I shelved it thinking I’d come back to it, but didn’t, because life. But I still like it, so I updated Fern’s markings & spruced it up bit.

I’m also doing some experimentation with watermarks.

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Posted: Friday, 12 May, 2023 @ 02:47 AM
Rating: 5

Very nice. Looks like the kind of art you'd find in an ancient history text.

Posted: Wednesday, 12 July, 2023 @ 08:31 PM

The texturing makes me think how great this would work as a greeting card.

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