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Serenity Ref in color
Serenity Ref in color by Violet Whirlwind (@VioletWhirlwind)

Just a ref sheet of my Sonic fanchar, Reni. I should really do one of the non-sonic version I've been working on sometime...

This took WAY too long to color. Had to erase the insides of her eyes in photoshop, because they inadvertantly turned purple too. Managed to do the photoshop clean-up in two days, though it kinda killed my hands. How do you tablet without pain? Now to try to actually color on the computer quickly...

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9 years and 118 days ago
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Posted: Friday, 01 February, 2013 @ 02:18 PM
Rating: 3

First, your picture is cool, nicely done with the ref. sheet, and the colors are great too.

Now, I've a tablet (not the ipads and whatever others) and I agree with you it can be hard to draw especially the outlining by hand on the PC. I have just found a cool link that tells how to outline.

If you read it and try it on your photoshop (you know monkey around with it). Man, is it easier, you will be seeing my art soon. ;)

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