Sketchbook Sonic
Sketchbook Sonic by @Agondray

Here is another drawing I did for my art class sketchbook. This one is of none other than Sonic the Hedgehog himself.

This pose is based on the one he made on the cover of Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog #239, for which I do own a copy. I didn’t trace over the cover(that would be cheating), but I did use it as a reference. Aside from that, this was completely hand-drawn.

I think he looks alright, though his hands look a little weird in my opinion. I felt this way about it back then, as I do now.

What do guys and gals think?

Sonic the Hedgehog owned by SEGA

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Posted: Sunday, 19 March, 2023 @ 01:18 AM
Rating: 5

Wow-wee! Way pass cool picture! ^_^ I totally dig it, Sonic is looking way cool there and vibrant! :)

Posted: Sunday, 19 March, 2023 @ 05:20 PM

@Weasel_Silver24: Thank you very much!

Posted: Sunday, 19 March, 2023 @ 03:25 PM

It is a universal constant that hands are a pain. :p

Posted: Sunday, 19 March, 2023 @ 05:23 PM

@Thorvald: Oh, indeed! Especially if you’re going for super detailed hands!

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