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Sketches! O_o
Sketches! O_o by @tayjudd (Tabi Judd)

Okeeeei... This is a good example of my normal sketch-page... with a little bit of everything on it... Time to explain!! x_x

SKETCHIEZ! Tes giving Taklay an eye exam? Weebl says "WANTPIE NOW!" Random Scribbled-Man is confused! "!?" MOOSE! I think that's me as a PowerPuff Girl saying "I'm Going Inshane!" Dexter's Lab "me" Kuja says that he's pretty. ^^ A bad scribble of a water Gorfa A popular quote at www.HomestarRunner.com, "Wear a bikini!" Happy Noodle Boy yells at his intestinal gas A revised version of Glynnus's wing Chibi Trent, looking surprised about something Accordion I'm proud to declare that I likes pie Black Mage (from 8-Bit-Theater) likes pie, too! "DEMONIC!!!" is what Glynnus's wings are supposed to look like The cat down there saying "RAWR! Hehe!" was going to be Zerin, but Zerin looks different now. srOm TenNezen Zim with bologna on his head, screaming, "THE MEAT!" TRANCE KUJA = SUPER SAYAIN!!... I can't spell, and I don't really like DBZ... XD Taklay says "Moo" Chibi Tabi draws a box!

Okay... that's it... I think. o_o;

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Rough / Concept
21y283d ago
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Posted: Saturday, 07 December, 2002 @ 05:22 AM

AHHH. Supa Saiyan trance Kuja XD NOODLE BOY!! This is great...box!

Posted: Monday, 16 December, 2002 @ 10:11 AM

The madness...THE MADNESS. I love it! The randomness is inspiring... XD

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