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Doom*Fantasy IX.  O_o
Doom*Fantasy IX. O_o by Tabi Judd (@tayjudd)

Woo, I would change my name to "Justin Sane" if I were a boy. Maybe I should change my name to "Pat Thetic"? Either way, this is my weird idea/sketch thingy-thing of the FFIX/Invader Zim crossover. The Vivi SIR Unit looks... er... too happy? And then GIR is the one in the Chocobo suit... Tak is Garnet there... and Dib is Zidane. So where's Zim? I didn't feel like drawing him in Kuja's outfit... That, and it's not easy for me to picture it IZ style...

Uh... I'm ill, I have reasons to be drawing this weird stuff! = | Artwork © Copyright 2002 Tabi Judd

Rough / Concept
19 years and 325 days ago
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