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IOT XIV: Going Commando
IOT XIV: Going Commando by @Thorvald (El Thorvaldo)

I literally can't believe how much time I spent on this. Ironically, my freehand self-portrait probably accounts for only a half to two-thirds the total production time. On the other hand, I might just be getting the hang of colour after all...

Following weeks of player apathy, on Turn 14 of Imperium Offtopicum XIV, ParsonNathaniel did what no other game moderator ever dared, and unilaterally shut down the United Nations. Now, one can claim, and not without cause, that as I was basically the only player that tried to use it for anything constructive, the fact that what was merely the formal confirmation of the organization's dysfunction may very well lead me to quit the game could be seen as an overreaction. But the only thing I hate more than powergaming players is railroading GMs, and while still not on par with the worst of Tani's abuses, this is not the first time Rosie has steered the game in questionable directions.

MLP:FiM © Lauren Faust et al;
Luna vectors by Vexorb and ZuTheSkunk;
Brushes and effects by FrostBo.

[Originally submitted to DeviantArt March 2014.]

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Posted: Friday, 11 August, 2023 @ 07:18 AM
Rating: 3

Who is the guy whose face is in the sky in the last panel? He looks familiar.

Posted: Friday, 11 August, 2023 @ 05:06 PM
Posted: Friday, 11 August, 2023 @ 05:47 PM
Rating: 4

@Thorvald: Oh him. Never mind, did not see that coming. He looked like one of the famous televangelists. Though in hindsight that interpretation makes absolutely no sense.

Posted: Friday, 11 August, 2023 @ 07:29 PM

@chaseawaythedark: Televangelism is antithetical to Socialist realism, tovarishsh!
Telepathy, on the other hand...

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